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26 January, 2006


Entertain yourself!



  1. hey, my name’s jeff, does anybody know the name of the song that plays in the amp’d commercial shown above? If so, please let me know, i like it a lot, thanks.

  2. Hey guys… those of you who have seen this commercial on TV in the USA…correct me if I’m wrong…is the part with the two girls kissing edited out?

  3. I have to record the Amp’d Mobil segamant where a woman is told to lick grandma’s bunion.

  4. hey…..u know the commerial where the girl is telling everyone to do the crazy stuff???? Its me!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys it!!! it was a blast to film….

  5. Whats the name of that song?!?!?!

  6. Whatever Amy! That girl wasn’t you. Besides that, I would love to meet her. She was actually attractive eventhough she had a lisp.

  7. this commercial concerns me! Whoever the girl is that danced on the pole like that should be ashamed of herself! I mean seriously, did she really think that was attractive? The things people will do for money!

  8. The song is Soulfinger by the Bar-Kays.

  9. I like how it took like, ten posts for the orginial question to finally be answered

  10. Looking for feedback on Amp’d mobil – anything you got (the good/bad/and worse) on how they are currently marketing online. Are they are player? Yes/No? if no why not what do they need to do?
    Cool factor good; tech solid? Coverage pricing? What are they missing…..

    Thanks – I really do need help……

  11. I’m trying to find out the actor in the commercial when she calls into a club requesting a fast song to make some chicks butt explode is that even Amp’d? pedersean@yahoo.com

  12. What’s the song played in the amp’d grocery store ad that might be called ‘candy man’ ?

  13. What is the rap song in the commercial with the Asian guy singing in the restroom and a co-worker walks up to wash his hands and the Asian guy stops sings and says hi.

    hit me up


  14. The song with the asian guy in the commerical is E-40 “U and Dat” for more info check out http://www.e-40.com/

  15. trying to get to you and that booty

  16. i have to get the commercial with the asian guy in the bathroom singing u and dat, it is soooo funny, i laugh out loud everytime. tell me how to get it!!!!

  17. ok who is that hot ass guy in that commercial??? the one wearin a hat and a wife beater standin next to a wall. if u know let me know!!!!!!!

  18. Anybody out there can you tell me how to get the whole commercial with the asian man singing the rap song in the restroom.Hook me up, I don’t want the song itself, I want the commercial. Email me, Prince3140@aol.com

  19. One more question. Does the U and Dat commercial with the Asian guy show up in the U and Dat video or DvD?

  20. I downloaded the song “u and dat” and the Asian guy is a better singer, I wished he would do the whole song.

  21. How would I download the song “U and Dat”?

  22. Hey Bill, you can see it here:

  23. The song with the guy who is rapping in the bathroom is called U and Dat and it’s by E-40.

  24. The Asian guy singing U & Dat by E-40 is the best commercial ever.

  25. that asian dude is more hardcore than the original video. I’d like ta see him do the whole thing.

  26. What is the name of the song that is at the end of the asian rapping when the phone comes on?

  27. I would like to comment on the bus commercial which I think is the most disgusting and inappropriate commercial I have ever seen. I fail to see the humour of that idiot commanding a 250 pound man to pick a fight with an elderly gentlemean nor is there any humour in an overweight female shaking her butt. I th8ink it should be removed from TV as distasteful and it certainly is not an excample for young people. sue

  28. To you mental midgets that think it’s cool to watch an old man get mugged, get a life suckers.

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  30. Girls kissing each other is so sexy, your site is great, i love it.

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