Nuts magazine

22 February, 2006


Sexist? But that’s nuts.



  1. The advert is nothing in comparison to the content of the magazine. What a load of rubbish, that just portrays men as nothing more than sexually obsessed animals. When will British men get their heads around the fact that women are more than just sex objects. Do you treat your sister, mother or grandmother like that? I should expect the answer is no. If anyone else finds the limited content of this and many other magazines insulting to men and women alike, I would ask you to write to the editors of these magazines, as I think they are just ridiculous. If you want to make a lifestyle magazine for men, thats one thing, if you acutally want to be honest about it, this is something that should be classified as soft porn and put on the adult shelf. There are too many breasts and bottoms polluting shops and commerical centres where children walk straight past- at least give them some clothes on the front cover, and if not put them somewhere where other people dont have to look at them.


  2. I am inclined to agree, i have never and never would buy these magazines, sadly, there is not a lot that can be done, there are many things i would change but the people with the ability to do it, don’t.

    Karl Whitburn

  3. get a life

  4. I am carrying out research on how people feel men and women are represented within this magazine.

    So far many peoples views have shown that they think women are not represented badly. One title out of a recent magazine is ‘the fairer sex explained’. Doesn’t this title present women in quite a respectable way??

    If you have any comments about the magazine please post them here, would love to know them and some may be published.


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