30 March, 2006


Turns a basketball court into a pool with dramatic special effects to demonstrate refreshment.



  1. i wanted to know what the song is in the sprite basketball commercial. i have been trying to find it but i have been unsucccessful.

  2. I wanted to know the name of the band and song titel also. How can we find this out?

  3. also searching for that song… hopeless… 😦

  4. seriously
    Sounds likeRed Hot Chili Peppers
    Been looking forever!

  5. The name of the band is evermore, and the song name is I’m falling away, but Im not able to download it

  6. You can download the song from yhe web site sendspace

  7. Sorry just click on my name (Richard Gens) and you will be able to download the 3:45 min song . enjoy

  8. Here is the link to download


  9. Sprite Commercial Soundtrack – falling away Thank you for the link It sounds great


  10. Another song in this commercial..?It starts>What’s the name of this song?

  11. It starts everybody does what everybody says

  12. still couldn’t find this song anywhere!

  13. ooohh… i got it! thanx!

  14. there is no song….that “song”is just 29 sec….its from the australian group Evermore……but maybe its a aprt from their bigger song…..i hope this will help u….

  15. ahem just a note that evermore are from new zealand, not australia. two fully different countries. just like canadians aren’t american=)

  16. guys, does anyone know the song for another sprite commercial titled “Truck”

    here’s the vid:

    you idiot. the’re from New Zealand.
    you know, there is a difference.

  18. go to imeem.com and type in evermore. you can listen to the song there.

  19. Wow, a lot of testy south pacific-ers on this thread. Why don’t you all just chill and go eat some dunkaroos.

  20. What’s wrong with them…..took me forever to find this…..tons of people are looking for it….enjoy


  21. dunkaroos..? kaaaaay. i just chucked “i’m falling away” into limewire, and voila.

  22. its not evermore. everyone says it is, but on their site they say its a mix up and they dont sing it. the sprite site says its…Benjamin Pacheco.

  23. that commercial is sweet!

  24. hey, does anyone knows the name and singer of the song in the commercial from drug free america foundation. where it says at the end “It’s not just alcohol anymore.” ??? in the song there is a man and y ounf guy and the man causes the car crash..thx

  25. It’s Hugh Wilson and Lindsay Jehan. Search their myspace page and you can download their full song for free.

  26. As for the sprite commercial: the band is NOT evermore. If you go to the site that has the credits for the commercial they go into detail about how the song was written for the sprite commercial and preformed by an unknown band. They also go on to say that Evermore has been give false credit for the song.

  27. no its deff. evermore, go check it out on frostwire, and it is fallin away

  28. The song is on MyspaceMusic when you are searching on the regular page just type in fallin away

  29. here is another one:


  30. It’s not evermore… limewire does that to songs. The ARTISTS (yes more than one, >.>) are Hugh Wilson, Lindsay Jehan, Andy Bloch, and Morgan Visconti. They are not a “band” as they just put together ideas to create a few songs and not sure if it was just for the sprite liquid freedom ads or if they were just the first to put the songs out there but thats it. If you try to download it, it is most likely under just Hugh wilson as people are lazy and dont like to give credit for multiple artists. (Hugh wilson is the one who does the vocals).

  31. is there a way i can download this song? i’ve tried itunes and searched under evermore, but falling away wasn’t there.

  32. txh for music)))

  33. You can hear this song here:


  34. am also pleased by the advert as well,but am curious to have the soundtrack in ma mobile.

  35. wheres the one with robert from everybody loves raymond?

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