17 May, 2006


So good, the Danes hate to see it leave.



  1. Hi there,
    Please could you settle an argument?!
    In the Carlsberg ad where the little old lady ‘helps’ the truck driver when his truck breaks down – she lets him in to use the phone and bathroom, then leads him to fall down a trap door – when she closes him in, what does she say? Is it ‘Farewell’ or ‘Bye Bye’?
    Your assistance would be very much appreciated to solve this hot debate!

  2. like you sam i’m also having a debate over this ,i think its farewell. if ya ever find out what it is let me know.

  3. hello there,

    we are also having a major argument about the Carlsberg ad, we want to know also if the old lady says “Farewell” or Bye Bye, please please can somebody help!
    Theres money to be won on this!

  4. She says “Far Vell’ .. Danish for Good Bye

  5. Well thank god – I thought i was the only one who had heard the ‘Far vell’ quote. Thanks ed Fred – the danish explanation makes sense.

  6. she says bye bye

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