Travelers Insurance

19 June, 2006


You never know when you might need it. Hilarious!



  1. what language are they speaking in this commercial?

  2. They’re speaking Czech.

  3. that’s the best damn commercial out there. it’s about time another insurance company got into the game.

  4. I agree. This commercial is appealing to to its glimpse of humanity and its hopes, dreams and naivite. It is aesthetic and portrays a dream of a village, still intact and not commericalized.
    It is funny and is a reminder of that Europe I know and love.

  5. What villiage in Europe is this commercial filmed in?

  6. what is the name of the actor who jumps off the bridge with the wings? i watch a lot of european films and he looks familiar to me.

    • His name is Karel Dobry, he is a czech actor often played in differents foreigns movies filmed in Czech republic (Mission: Impossible etc).

  7. beautiful, humorous and quite endearing until the 70th time you see it.
    but it does seem to be a lovely little village, i would certainly like to know where it is also.

  8. I believe the actor’s name in the commercial is Karel Dubry. He’s Czech and protrayed Liet in the Dune miniseries. Can anyone confirm because that’s why I’m here?

  9. To: Renee, You are absolutely correct, except that his last name is spelled Dobry.

  10. Does anyone know what song is used in that commercial…

    • what is the song for Traveler’s Insurance that says “don’t worry now…If you’ve got worries, I will protect you

      • Charlotte, that’s Langhorne Slim off his 2008 self-titled album.

  11. i can’t remember if the character who says “but he can’t swim” is walking or on a bike. does anyone remember?

  12. PLEASE someone what song/musician does the violin for this commercial I have to find it.

  13. I am also interested in the name of the village for the “Bridge” commercial. Anyone know?

  14. I am in the same camp as velocitybetty, and abby, what is the name of the village and what is the music?, ie, the performer, name of the tune etc.

  15. go to this website for the ad and credits


  16. Sorry, I meant this link


  17. The man that says “but he cannot swim” is walking with his bike I believe…..
    Excellent ad!!

  18. correction…..He is not on his bike nor does he have a bike. He has a slight hunchback and walks off the bridge- no bike.

  19. http://www.sweb.cz/karel-dobry/

  20. the village is outside Prague, Czech Republic and was actually filmed in two seperate towns outside of Prague….the bridge scene was filme in a town that was established as a hunting lodge for the Czech royalty and became a town…..hope this helps keep watching more Travelers commericals are on there way

  21. Has anyone noticed as the old man is walking away toward the end of the commercial , there looks like a face peering over the bridge on his right side ?

  22. who directed that commercial? Any other credits?

  23. I really like the ad, but it looks an awful lot like the a Zurich Insurance ad I saw.

  24. I too would like to know the name of the town where that bridge is. Someone said it is a town outside of Prague, but which one? What river is that?

  25. Is that the Vltava or Labe River? Which river is that?

  26. I finally got a response from someone at Fallon, the company that produced the commercial. Britt A. responded:

    “The town with the bridge is Zbecno, which is a
    teeny village about an hour west of Prague, Czech Republic. The town in the beginning of the spot is Kourim, located about an hour east of Prague.”

  27. What is the music that’s played in the commercial. I would love to get a recording of it.

    • trying to find out the song dont worry help

  28. The commercial has an production error in it. When you first see the river…it curves to the left. When you see the river again at the end of the commercial it curves to the right. Not a bad commercial…its just that error that bothers me. The fact there’s a blog about the commercial amazes me…unbelievable how the net has something about everything.

  29. They never show this extended version on TV, always a compressed version. Hey, is Traveler’s Insurance the company that has the commercial where a guy walking down the street in San Francisco, trips and starts rolling down the street? As he rolls people, objects, animals, a complete wedding party, even vehicles get added in a snowball like effect that is absolutely hilarious. By the time this giant ball of people and objects gets to the bottom of the hill and smashes into something resembling a courthouse it’s gigantic. One of the funniest commercials I’ve seen in a while but I have only seen it twice and can’t find it online anywhere. 😦

  30. Hi Eric, that commercial is based on a Japanese video game made for Playstation called Katamari Damacy. The game’s plot concerns a tiny prince on a mission to rebuild the stars, constellations and Moon, which his father has accidentally destroyed. This is achieved by rolling a magical sticky ball called a katamari around various locations, collecting increasingly larger objects, ranging from thumbtacks to schoolchildren to mountains, until the ball has grown large enough to become a star. My sister and our friends play it obsessively; it grows on you just like the katamari ball you create grows! Anyway, when I saw that Travelers had made a commercial with a katamari ball I could hardly believe it! I laughed so hard I hurt something in my back. Anyway, do not despair; you can see the hilarity on youtube:


  31. I was looking for the new Travelers Commercial with the man in the shark cage. It is GREAT!

  32. looking for travler’s insurance shark cage tv commercial clip;;

  33. I cannot stop thinking and laughing about the guy flying off the bridge and that incredibly hilarious comment from the guy who says “but he can’t swim”. The best entertainment commercial in a long while. I will favorably remember Travelers because of the humor. We don’t have to be assaulted with ugly and boisterous ads to get our attention. They only make serve to irritate the viewing public. I will never buy or subscribe to their products. Now I’ve seen the Travelers ad showing the boxing ring microphone fiasco and laugh every time I think about it. Another winner. Keep them coming!!!

  34. Love the Traveler’s Insurance commercial with the rabbits with their colored feet reattached!!! So clever!

  35. I’m not sure I like the commercial with the rabbits; the one swimming in a tank seems inappropriate. Rabbits will swim in the wild if they have to, but putting one in the tank for a commercial is a contrived situation. This rabbit had no choice.

  36. I really don’t like the commercial with the rabbit foot reattachments…it just gives me the creeps. I wish they would stop running it.

  37. I Love the bunny commercial…..so much I taped it! It not only if fun, but it does bring to the forefront that rabbits feet belong on rabbits, not on key chains. Great commercial.

  38. I thought the bunny limb-reattachment commercial was pretty lame. 😉

  39. Re: the “lucky” rabbit foot ad: This commercial is in poor taste and extremely insensitive to all our military people who are coming home with severed limbs that can’t be reattached. I surely hope it is no longer on the air, and that its creators and the insurance company get a grip on its ramifications.

  40. Two more great videos from Travelers

  41. The man in the white suit is fabulous in the Travelers commercials. When I first saw it, I thought he was Leon Redbone. He doesn’t speak, but his facial expressions are the ultimate.

  42. haha that is Really funny.

  43. It’s just a great ad. No way around it. It doesn’t matter what language is spoken the way it’s produced. It’s just great.

  44. Does anyone know the name of the song played on the piano in the “Risk” commercial (the one with the guy in the white suit)?

  45. day casinò in italiano

    caution whoops persuades alias Australianizes definable

  46. I think the song played in the commercial “Risk Never Sleeps” (guy in the white suit walking around at night, everything bad happens around him, etc.), was composed by someone named Robert Miller (?), but I believe it was only written for the commercial.
    The song always reminded me of Art Tatum, so I looked him up and found this video on YouTube…

    Listen closely and you’ll hear all kinds of “earmarks” that it has in common with the “Risk” commerical.
    …then, at just past the one minute, the “Risk” song actually starts up!…but only for a couple of seconds.

    Check it out and see if you don’t agree.

  47. Who is the older guy with the huge umbrella?I have seen him before but I dont remember from what.

    • His name is Paul Freeman! Don’t you remember him from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK as Indiana Jones evil arch-rival, Rene Belloch (sp?)? He’s french-speaking and has done many other films. Yes, you can tell I’m a film buff!

  48. I sure hope someone answer’s Troy’s question above. My wife and I are debating (thanks to a little wine) who they old guy is in the new commercials… Thank you Google for getting me this far…

    She is sure that it is Paul Freeman, the guy that played Belloq in the original Indiana Jones (the bad guy archeologist). I have “anyone else”. Someone PLEASE help us!!!

  49. Does anyone know the title/composer of the music in the commercial with “the older guy with the huge umbrella”?

  50. I think it is Paul Freeman (Monarch of the Glen Series 4-5: motorcycle-riding artist Andrew) who does the big umbrella thing. My wife gets the credit for spotting him, I think she is right.

  51. Does anyone know the name of the older guy who rides the umbrella on the Travelers Insurance commercial?
    Thanks !

  52. I think you are right that the actor is Paul Freeman. I think most people recognize him as Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark. There is also a Kohler commercial featuring an architect played by Wolf Kahler who is also a primary villain in Raiders of The Lost Ark.

  53. It IS Paul Freeman who played Belloq from the first Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  54. Client: Travelers
    Agency: Fallon
    Executive Creative Director: Al Kelly
    CD/Art Director: Scott O’Leary
    CD/Copywriter: Ryan Peck
    Creative Director: Todd Riddle
    Director of Broadcast: Vic Palumbo
    Agency Executive Producer: Kate Talbott
    Production Company: MJZ
    Director: Rupert Sanders
    Director of Photography: Christopher Soos
    Executive Producer: Eric Stern
    Line Producer: Laurie Boccaccio, Katie Smith
    Editorial Company: Spotwelders
    Editor: Bill Smedley
    Executive Producer (Editorial): David Glean
    Producer (Editorial): Lisa English
    Assistant Editor: Sterling Robertson
    VFX: Mass Market
    VFX Creative Director: Cedric Nicholas
    Lead Flame Artist: Jamie Scott
    Flame Artist: Sarah Eim
    VFX Executive Producer: Justin Lane,
    Angela Bowen
    VFX Producer: Nancy Nina Hwang
    3D Lead Artist: Jeff Dates
    Telecine: Company 3
    Colorist: Sean Coleman
    Music: Stimmung
    Composer: Robert Miller
    Producer (Music): Joey Reyes
    Engineer: Michael Golub
    Sound Design: Mit Out Sound
    Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
    Producer (Sound): Misa Kageyama
    Mix: Sound Lounge
    Mixer: Tom Jucarone

  55. Does anyone know the location where the Paul Freeman commercial was filmed? The countryside looks like New Zealand. I have no idea which city is depicted and it’s been puzzling me for weeks! Thanks.

  56. The city featured in the end of the commercial appears to be Wellington, New Zealand..the countryside is definitely New Zealand. I have researched this commercial and I can’t find anything!

  57. It is Paul Freeman…I just saw him as the village priest in HOT FUZZ…highly recommended.

  58. Paul Freeman (british actor) is the guy in the travelers umbrella advetisment

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  60. What is the lime green car that the woman wants to protect from grocery carts? Looks like a European version of a Ford Thunderbird design, lime greeen with a white top.

  61. Disregard my question. I found out it is a Nissan Figaro.

  62. Does anyone know The title of the & Who sings the song that plays when the dog is worried about his bone.

    • The song is Worries by Ray LaMontagne.

      • Thank You Very Much.

        My mother simply LOVE that song!

  63. Renee and Sally – Karel Dobry was born in 1969 so unless he’s had some rough years I don’t believe it’s him in the commercial!

    In fact, the actor is paul freeman who was also in raiders of the lost ark – he’s british and he has
    been in many movies and tv series

  64. Who is the vocalist in the video?

  65. Who is the vocalist in the background song?

  66. I love the ad with the dog, worried about his bone. Who sings the song Trouble?

  67. I too love the song on theTravelers commercial with the dog worried about the bone. Would love to know who sings it…..I want it bad!

    • Ray LaMontagne sings the song Trouble.

      • Thank you, I love this song and have been trying to find out who sings it.

  68. I just saw the dog with his bone, it is the best!!
    Love the dog.

  69. Ray LaMontagne sings the song on the dog commercial.

  70. I am so in love with the commercial about the dog Trouble, Trouble, Worry, Worry. If you can come up with anywhere as cute as this is, I would love it. MY friend and I just loved it and would never leave the TV while this was on.
    Kudo’s to you. Thank you, Marietta Banwell

  71. Does anyone know the type of dog in the Traveler’s commercial

  72. You obviously like the commercials. Look into how the Traveler’s treat their employees. My son-in-law was let go after his salary was reduced after a take-over. Also Traveler’s made many promises none of which they fulfilled. If they cannot keep promises to their employees, how can they keep them to their clients? Beware Traveler’s Insurance.

  73. I toomwould like to know the breed of the dog in the Trouble commercial.

  74. Who is the handsome black/or Latino actor/bodybuilder type guy in the segment for Traveler’s Auto INsurance at a baseball stadium.

    Looks like a perfect actor for an action hero movie.

  75. I would also like to know what breed the dog in the Traveler’s commercial is. Does anyone know?

  76. I really want to know what kind of dog is in the traveler’s worry commercial – is it a mutt?

  77. That dog with the ‘worried mind’ is THE best commerical I have seen in years. The music is perfect and the dog is adorable. The message is great. I don’t know anything about Traveler’s except they sure know which agency to use.

  78. i love the travelers insurance commercial with the dog thats worried about his bone. i actually recorded the commercial and have watched it over and over! i recently had a dog to get killed that was his identical twin. the commercial is so sweet and reminds me so much of my dog “hobo” and i also was wondering if you knew what breed he may be? i got hobo from a shelter and never really knew what he was, just loved him so much. i miss him so badly

  79. I have been trying to find the name of the breed of dog in the “Worry, worry, trouble, trouble” commercial. It is similiar to a Berger Picard, the dog in the movie “Winn-Dixie”, but not quite the same. I heard the dog is named Chopper and was a rescue dog. Anyone know how to track down the owner/trainer to get more info on the breed or cross breed. I lost my dog to cancer recently and would love to find a dog like this one. Thanks.

  80. That older man is so beautiful.

  81. Travel to ancient persia

  82. The “new” Travelers commercial of the little girl moving her doll house and the characters bump around and fall onto the rug. The music that’s played is from an “old” game show/program and its’ making me crazy cause I can’t place it. Anybody know?…thanks!

    • Captain Kangaroo!!

  83. Gloria any response to your question about the travelers insurance commercial with the little girl playing with the doll house? Its driving me crazy! I can’t remember where its from. Thanks

    • No response as yet.

    • tune is driving me nuts know it but cant place it ramsjim in de.

    • http://www.popisms.com/TelevisionCommercial/27603/Travelers-Insurance-Commercial-2011.aspx

      this has the answer. its called puffing billy and was the theme from “Capton Kangaroo”

      • Hey Tim…thanks so much for your reply. Not that I lost sleep over this, but I just am happy in knowing. Guess y’all know who I grew up with! Have a blessed day. 🙂

  84. This is driving me crazy too.

  85. http://www.popisms.com/TelevisionCommercial/27603/Travelers-Insurance-Commercial-2011.aspx

    Theme from Captain Kangaroo.

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