27 June, 2006

The aspirational heroes of kids. Same old truism. But the subtlety of the spot makes it work.



  1. does anyone now the actor who plays the son on the new citibank commercial where they go to Norway? I swear I know this guy.

  2. I don’t think you do, dude.

  3. Funny you ask, as I think I know the father as my old drama coach from NY, by the name of Norm Goldman. Can anyone confirm that or know where I can download a copy of the ad to send to others who know him? Thanks and good luck on the son!
    Lindsay DeMarco

  4. His name is Norm Golden.

    You can check him out on IMDB:

  5. Yes you are right, Norm Golden.

  6. I think the son looks like Eric Thal, the fisherman in Snow Falling on Cedars…

  7. i think i know that citibank guy too! i think he looks like this guy at my agency, but maybe not. really someone needs to find an answer!!

  8. That’s my son-in-law… Scott O. No last name. I kid you not. He is married to my daughter.

  9. Yes, but where is the beautiful mountain/cliff/lake scene that is pictured in the commercial?

  10. Does anyone know the title of the background music on the tv ads?

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  12. The sons name is Scott Organ — he’s an actor/playwright

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