New RSS feeds

3 July, 2006

I have created a few RSS feeds for some popular TV commercial sites using the feed43.com feed-scraper service.

  • Bestadsontv.com – feed
  • Boardsmag.com – feed
  • Viralx.com – feed
  • Joeytomatoes.com – feed

Two of my favourite feeds (which I didn’t have to create) are:

  • Visit4info.com – feed
  • Kontraband – feed

Sorry folks, but a feed for Adforum.com could not be created. They use some really funky super double-double URL encoding! If you find out how to unravel it, please let me know. I’ll try to create ones for adwatch.tv and adreels.tv and update this page. But they use javascript pop-ups so they are tricky.

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