13 July, 2006


A great Hallmark card commercial.



  1. To Hallmark TV,

    We have enjoyed your family friendly viewing until you started the Fruit of the Loom ads. While sitting with our sons watching a great family movie, a jungle beat with dancing girls in Fruit of the Loom underware came on. I recently saw it today, Sunday during family viewing. I’m always having to change the channels because of your commercials. The whole reason we enjoy your programing is for your great family friendly viewing. But the commercials are inappropriate and unwanted. To the point of not wanting to watch your channel at all. Thought you might be sincere and interested in what real people think about the ads. I have already contacted FOTL.

    Thank You,
    Robin Lees

    • Good point!

  2. do you ever take your kids to a beach? A swimming pool? you see alot more at those places then you do on this FotL commercial! If you dont like it- as the old adage says- turn it off and quite bitching.

  3. Do you know the song or artist in this Hallmark commercial about the man Edward learning to read? I just saw it on TV 1/28/07 and liked the music in the commercial.

  4. The artist singing in the commercial is Alexi Murdoch and the song is called “Orange Sky”.

  5. Who is the man singing and what is the name of the song Hallmark is selling? I understand the CD can only be bought at Hallmark.

  6. Hello,

    I was watching the Hallmark channel and a commercial came on for programming this week. It was for Love Comes Softly, Love’s Long Journey, Love’s Enduring Promise, and Love’s Abiding Joy, all of which are to be played at 9pm this week. A song plays during the commercial and every time I hear it I like it that much more but I can’t seem to get enough of the lyrics to search that way. It is sung by a woman. I would love to know who sings it or if it is on a soundtrack. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I’m getting a little frustrated with Hallmark for making this process so difficult. ABC has it’s own web page for its music!

    Evie Richmond

    • It took me forever to find it’s “Am I Losing You” by Anika Paris you can find it on iTunes!

  7. Yes, I’m looking for the same song that Evelyn Richmond does. It’s really quite hard to heard the lyrics, isn’t it? And to find the song…

  8. The song that you are looking for from the Love Comes Softly series commercials is “Am I Losing You” by Anika Paris. I love the song and it took forever to locate the title and artist! The song can be found on iTunes, or on Anika’s album Already Coming Back.

  9. Thank you!! I’ve been looking for it, too.

  10. Oh what luck! I was looking for the song too. Thank you so much.

  11. hello [=.
    i am looking for a song that played on an hallmark commercial. In this commercial there are scenes from diffrenet shows.
    I will thank you if you write to me the name of the song.
    thank you,

  12. In the Hallmark commercial about the man Edward learning to read he starts out by reading a childrens book. Can you tell me the name of that book? It is a fond memory for my wife.

  13. the poky little puppy….one of my FAVORITE childhood books!

  14. where can i download orange sky off the net?




  17. im looking for a video clip of the hallmark commercial that has a bunch of different women sitting around in a circle playing cards and laughing all differently.

  18. do any of you know the name of the artist who sings that Hallmark Song that advertises House, Law & Order, Psych I think Jericho. I can remember 1 line “When the lights go out and the pain will stop.” A woman sings this song thats all I know. Thanks =)

  19. Yes i need that song 😡

  20. Help please!!!

  21. I have survived with chronic Lyme disease for several years and always went to church here in conway, arkansas, but the last bew years it is impossible on some sunday mornings to go.

    I enjoyed the America at worship (name may be wrong) and there were three ministers who were great. The other worship services were good but the first three services in the morning was my favorite.

    One minister was raised in Conway, Ark (Graham, pastor of church in Dallas and or Plano Tx). The pastor of Marble collegiate in N.Y. gave lots of encouragment. I got a lift after I heard the pastor of River Bend (may be wrong)of Austin, Tx. I admired him greatly to keep on going even if he had to sit on a stool some time.

    Please, Please put these services back on sunday morning.

    I am listening to the Waltons on Hallmark chan and I do watch Hallmark most nights.

    Kind regards,

    Dwayne Goode, Ph.D.

  22. not sure if you are asking for email or regular po mail.

  23. i like that song as well i just wish that i knew the name of it if anyone can help thanks


  25. The song that starts “when the lights go out…” is sung by the band Half Light. I’m not sure what it’s called though.

  26. The song is not released yet.
    The band is Halflight from Cardiff.

  27. The singer is Sarah Howells.

  28. Where can I find the hallmark commercial that has a woman going back to one of her professors and telling him that she is now a teacher?

  29. can any one tell me what is the name of the song in the commercial when a woman shouts ” is there anyone there?!” its a quite beatiful song.. please some one help me!!

  30. i am looking for this song monthes!
    please, help us.

  31. im looking for this song too.. the lyrics are: ” ..when the lights go out , the pain will stop and the thing you dream about will turn to lemon drops tonight…” i cant find it nowhere!! SOS!

  32. im looking for the old hallmark commercial where the song goes where are you going my little one,i think it played back in the 60s

  33. I”m looking for the Hallmark commercial from Christmas 1996 where the boy gives his teacher a card and thanks her for staying after to help him learn how to read better? Please, please, please- I must find it! Thanks!

    • I realy need to find this one too. Someone please HELP

  34. here a link to listen to the song of Halflight

  35. I really liked the commercial that aired a few years back, It was about 2 brothers, 1 older and 1 much younger and I think the older brother had a basketball in his hand. The younger brother gave the older brother a hallmark card. This was a Great commercial, my kids loved it. I was wondering if maybe you knew what commercial I’m talking about, maybe you could air it this holiday season. The hallmark commercials are one of my favorite things about the holiday season as so many of them really explain the spirit of christmas and the value of family. I really hope to see this commercial this year.

  36. What’s the music for the new Hallmark advert (house, law & order, monk, etc…) playing currently (December) on UK television? Sounds kind of dance/techno style.

  37. Do any of the Hallmark commercials play Pachelbel Canon?
    If so who was the artist playing the music?

  38. Hey, im also looking for the music from the new hallmark ad, showing previews of house, law and order etc. It sounds a bit like that mason exceeder song, kind of electro. i MUST find it!

  39. It is Exceeder by Mason, unsure of which mix it is though.

  40. anyone know the music for the movies 24 advert on hallmark at the moment , its wrecking my head ???

  41. Watching Hallmark Hall of Fame last night and the commercial came on with the woman giving a card to a teacher that was retitring. Does anyone know the words on the card? Something about seeds blooming??Thanks!

  42. Looking for the words in the card read by the woman stuck in the elevator with others. It starts …There is a sacred ground where kindred spirits walk…. (or something like that). Thanks

    • I am also looking for those words. did you ever find them?

  43. Hi everyone…I’m also looking for the quirky techno track that sounds a bit like exceeder by mason that plays on the hallmark channel during a summary of about 5 shows
    Cheers 🙂

  44. Hey i dont know the song that is playing for the hallmarks song card commercial. The one with a woman giving her husband a card for valentines day…and they have a flashback to a concert..

  45. I am looking for the name of the song and artist in the flashback valentines day card commerical, flash back to the concert….help please

  46. hey amanda, the song is Can’t Fight This Feeling, REO Speedwagon 1990…This was driving me crazy but I found it..

  47. Hello, does anyone know where i can get ads or commercials for Hallmark Sound Cards?

  48. I’m looking for the hallmark commercial a few years back. black couple. she plays footsie to her husband over the card and the baby throws food in his face…. like 3/4 kids at the table…. please. would love to see it again.

  49. I need to know what the music is that plasy during the advert for phsyc, its dance/techno

    Heeelpp x

  50. Can anyone direct me to an old Hallmark Christmas commercial? The one where a young brother is missing his older brother, who is snowed out of Grandma’s house for Christmas? Then, when it comes time for singing carols, the older brother suprises the younger while he is singing “O Holy Night”. This is my favorite commercial ever, but I can’t find anywhere. Please help. Thanks.

    • Hi Orville – did someone ever find the link to this commercial you wrote about? Mark

      • I am also looking for a link to that commercial!! One of my all time favorites!!!

      • I am also looking for that link. My most favorite Christmas commercial ever!!! Pleas help! Thank you.

      • Please!

      • Any luck finding this commercial?

    • I too am looking for that same commercial! One of my all time favorites. Any luck?

      • I’m looking for that as well. It has stuck with me over the years and made O Holy Night my favorite Christmas song.

      • I love that commercial. My mom has it on videotape from one of the Hallmark Hall of Fames she taped years and years ago. One of the best commercials ever!

      • Yes, Leanne! Please put the commercial on youtube! I have searching for it for a very long time. That is the all-time best commercial and I would love to share it with my kids.

      • Did anyone ever get it posted on you tube. The hallmark website said it is the most requested commercial ever & it is NO WHERE! I had it on a videotape too but have no idea where it is

      • OMG – Someone posted it!

      • A little Christmas miracle in July…thank you so much for the post of this wonderful commercial!!

  51. I’m also looking for the text from the commercial about a woman stuck in an elevator with others. I want to find out the words on the card that she reads.


  52. Following on Shirley Crabtree’s comment 5th Feb — I want to know that dance track too — but it’s not the Exceeder one!!

  53. Can we please get the message to the Hallmark producers of the movies to please update the commercials? I have been watching the Hallmark movies and we have seen the same commercials with very little different commercials for about four years now. The commercials are getting very stale.

  54. What is the name of the woman who read her Hallmark card in the “Stuck in the elevator” commercial?

  55. The Hallmark commercial with the folks stuck in the elevator – who is the blonde actress on the far right of the screen? It’s driving me crazy! I know I’ve seen her before but I can’t remember where it was.

  56. i am also looking for the words in the card that is read by the woman stuck in the elevator. I think it begins something like this:
    ” There are shared thoughts where kindred spirits walk…”

  57. i am also looking for the words in the card that is read by the woman stuck in the elevator. I think it begins something like this:
    ” There are shared thoughts where kindred spirits walk…”

  58. I’d like to know the name of the girl who reads a card to the retiring professor? Please help.

  59. Hallmark commercial – when the woman who is now a teacher goes back to visit the retiring professor can be viewed at

  60. I too have been searching everywhere for the Oh Holy night commercial – it is my favorite commercial EVER! I cant find it anywhere and its starting to really frustrate me- if anyone knows – PLEASE POST!

  61. The name of that song …when the lights go out , the pain will stop and the thing you dream about will turn to lemon drops tonight…IS

    Come Out – Josie Henley-Einion

  62. i wanna know the song in a hallmark commercial that goes ‘i love the way you do that thing you do’.

  63. Ah finally I found the track I was looking for.It’s Yeah Yeah by Bodyrox 🙂

    Hope it’s the track others were looking for too 😛

  64. Ooops here’s a link :-


  65. omg! im looking for that ‘i love the way you do that thing you do’song too T.T

  66. I’m looking for the Hallmark commercial too, from the 80’s where the brother is coming home but it really snows that year and they sing O Holy Night at the end, its not on You Tube – it isn’t anywhere – ANYONE CAN YOU HELP?!?!?!?!?!??

  67. Yes, I am looking for the old Hallmark commercial too about the older brother singing O Holy Night while his younger brother is singing. Does anyone know where to find it? It’s my favorite commercial. Any help please?

  68. hey, i’m looking for that song too in Hallmark Channel ad – “the way you walk, the way you smile, you got the competition … i love the way you do the things you do” Pls help.


  70. i’m searching for this song…“the way you walk, the way you smile, you got the competition … i love the way you do the things you do” please please please anyone tell me…

  71. Does anyone remember the commerical that aired in the 80’s about a boy singing to his teacher. It was so cute. Dear Mrs. ??? it’s been a year since we meet I loved it and lost the copy i had in a move.

    • Is that the one that goes something like “Dear Mrs. Thatcher (Hatcher?) it’s been a year since we met ya……

  72. looking for commercial song.. it goes something like this..
    the best thing in my life..you’re the best thing in my day..(some more lyrics here)..you give me my perfect day..

    thats all i know..hehe..really nice song..

  73. su u r rite, me also looking for dat song =P

  74. Yes! Su…im looking for that song as well…i wanna know who’s singing and the title of the song plss…HELP!!

  75. actually i thought the song was sang by james morisson but i already check out most of his lyrics but..i guess not him.. 😦

  76. Can anyone help? I also want the O Holy Night commercial with the 2 brothers-please post a link if you know. thanks!!

    • I would LOVE to find that commercial! I’ve been looking forever and I can’t find anything! Help!

      • The link to the video with the kid & his brother

  77. I think you can get the lyrics from this website.


    but i don’t know where to get the song… i want it too!!

  78. Thos Things You Do / Male / sinatra vocalike
    the way you walk, the way you smile
    you got the competition be my mind
    and when you kiss me like you do
    I love the way you do the things you do

    ‘couse you got class, and you got style
    you not to thin but not to wide
    and when you move the way you do
    I just can’t help but loving you

    And when you tell me that you are mine
    The sun come out and starts to shine

  79. does anyone know the name of the professor in the recent hallmark commercial where a woman gives a thank-you card to her old professor? it was played last night during the hallmark movie “Loving Leah”

  80. I just saw a Hallmark commercial at the end of an American Masters broadcast on PBS. It just had a graphic of a stylized theatrical comedy mask/tragedy mask and had an operatic musical score. Does anyone know what the name of that music is? Thanks!

  81. For Anika Paris- Am I Loosing You…
    The whole song is playing here!

  82. Oh My Incredible Goodness,

    I too am looking for the Christmas commercial of the 2 brothers. It aired in the 80’s during “The Secret Garden” I couldn’t tell you much about the movie but I could describe in detail that one monumental commercial. I cried like Niagra Falls after a soaking storm. My husband walked in chuckling at my reaction and inquired, “Good movie?” I sniffeled shook my head and could only get out the word “commercial”. Needless to say his chuckle turned to a full blown laugh.

    My Girl Scouts have adopted a soldier who is returning from his 4th tour in Iraq. I was telling him about this commercial and would love for him to see it. Please, please, please, if anyone can locate it please post where ASAP. He’s due to return home from de-briefing in the next few weeks.

    Thanks, Imthemomster

    • I’ve been looking for that same commercial forever. I have an old VCR taped copy of “The Secret Garden” from TV with that commercial on it, but I can’t find the tape!

      • This is it!!

  83. hey does anyone know the song/artist of the advert for the new series of medium on hallmark. it goes “hey, in all my life, iv never seen anyone quite like you.. you make me feel like i wanna be wanted, you make me feel like i wanna be needed, you make me feel like i wanna be loved by you and only you”


  84. In regard to the “Two Brothers” or “O Holy Night” commercial. CBS morning news show did a story in April 2009 about Hallmark Hall of Fame and also a brief segment about the commercials – how they are sometimes more popular than the shows.

    Turns out Hallmark gets a lot of mail about this commercial. This segment doesn’t show the whole commercial, but is the only part of it I have found anywhere on the internet.

    “O Holy Night” commercial begins at 8:20.

    Enjoy – and let’s hope Hallmark puts out a DVD of classic commercials!

    • Dear Orville,

      I bow to the internet God!! Thank you so much!! It was enough of a clip to bring back fond memories and to pass along to our Soldier. Thanks again for taking the time to make many of us re-live a very sweet and poignant memory.

      I never even received the courtesy of a response, electronic or otherwise. You have more heart then the Hallmark Corporation who it seems by this broadcast admittedly ignored the abundant requests from it’s loyal patrons. Oh well, if they are going to completely disregard the many inquiries and ignore those of us who are keeping them in business, I might just begin to browse American Greetings from here on in. Thanks again for caring enough to respond to all of us when the creators had the opportunity to do it from the first such request.

      With Sincerest Appreciation,

      • I just found the “O Holy Night” commerical and several others on You Tube!! Some wonderful person posted a whole bunch of old Hallmark Commercials (get ready with a box of Kleenex) – search for “Classic Hallmark Commercials”. They were posted in December 2009.

        Here is the direct link to the “O Holy Night” commercial. Enjoy!!

    • Dear Orville,

      I bow to the internet God!! Thank you so much!! It was enough of a clip to bring back fond memories and to pass along to our Soldier. Thanks again for taking the time to make many of us re-live a very sweet and poignant memory.

      I never even received the courtesy of a response, electronic or otherwise. You have more heart then the Hallmark Corporation who it seems by this broadcast admittedly ignored the abundant requests from it’s loyal patrons. Oh well, if they are going to completely disregard the many inquiries and ignore those of us who are keeping them in business, I might just begin to browse American Greetings from here on in. Thanks again for caring enough to respond to all of us when the creators had the opportunity to do it from the first such request.

      With Sincerest Appreciation,

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  85. does any1 know the artist of the song played for the “movies to fall in love with,” hallmark advert

    –something about,
    before you try and kiss me

  86. Hello!

    I’m looking for a song from an advert on Hallmark Channel. It promotes some sort of dring and the song in it is lively and sung by a man. It goes like this: compllaining, it seems there’s always somebody complaining, my boss is on my back complaining, but i’m not complaining, all i gotta do is (whistle) and than i can…

    please tell me which song or artist it is, i’ve been looking for it forever!

  87. hello,
    im looking for a song from hallmark channel commercial song..its sounds a bit like this..
    “hey baby..dont forget live a lot and no regret…..live live live..its beautiful..love your life”
    i’ve been searching this song everywhere in the net..but no result..
    please someone tell me where can i find this song..

  88. Hey, I’m looking for the song in the lastest commerical with the little girl who has butterflies flying around her, and it is the first day of school. Her mother puts a card in her bookbag, and after she reads it the butterflies fly out of the window of the bus.I think it says, “Say what you need to say”.

    • Hi Andi, I was looking for the song too! I found out its John Mayer “Say”

      Enjoy! 🙂

  89. Does anyone know the tune that is played on the Hallmark advert where it begins with a scene from House, with the words “I am my own problem.” to the side, and this theme follows throughout the whole advert?

    I’d really like to know, thanks.

    • Hi Christy,
      This is an acoustic version of “Across the Bridge Where Angels Dwell” by Van Morrison. Original version on ‘Beautiful Vision’ album, track 9.

      Enjoy, its a great album …

      • Thank you very much 🙂

  90. Does any one know the instrumental played in an Hallmark advert, which starts off with I am The Mentalist, I am house etc

    • I would love to know this too, its beautiful.

  91. does anyone know the song on new look hallmark channel ads with ‘I am.. Mentalist’ and ‘I am SVU’? It’s just instruments.. no one sings.. please 🙂

    • Im looking for this as well….its a very upbeat instrumental & runs whilst advertising…I am Tuesday, I am Wednesday etc etc

  92. Does anyone know the song on the “I am…” adverts? I really want to know the one when it is advertising the TV shows on it. I can only remember that it says “I am none of you business” for House then goes back to him after advertising some more shows then say “I am still none of your business”


  93. does anyone know what the music is on hallmark when they advertise different days of the week law n order criminal intent and that sort of stuff i has a tom petty sound to it
    hope someone can help me

  94. looking to find the artist name and song title for the scene in Always and forever when Dean Mcdermott got the boombox down from the closet and was listening to the tape in it

  95. Anyone have any idea what the song is on the Hallmark Channel advert currently that goes “We can be heroes”?

  96. Hello! I remember listening to a Hallmark commercial song with a piano and a slow tempo. It sounds rather sentimental and slow. I think a man sings the song as well. Do anybody knows this song? I’m sorry that I do not have any more clues

  97. Honour, the song you are after is calle dHeroes by David Bowie, Oasis also do a version

  98. I would like to unsubscribe please.

  99. I hope someone can help me. I am looking for the video to an old (1980’s?) Hallmark commercial. It was a story about 2 old childhood friends, Freddy & Sam. Sam’s family moves away when they’re kids, they send cards back & forth, & when they’re about college age, Freddy gets a card for Christmas, saying that Sam will be in the area, & would love to see Freddy. When Sam arrives, he answers the door, looks out, & says, “Sam?!”. Turns out, Sam is actually a girl, now quite beautiful, who looks at Freddy & says, “Freddy?!”. They end up getting married, & there’s a song at the end, that goes something like, “Freddy & Sam, back together again…”

    Does this ring a bell w/ anyone? I’d love to see it again!

    Many thanks to anyone who can help!

    • Here it is:

  100. someone already posted this above, but i ddin’t see an answer so… a few years back i remember a commercial where maybe 6-8 women are in a circle, in chairs, and once by one they whisper a joke around to each other, and each one has a hilarious, crazy laugh. the last person who laughs has a “normal” laugh, and they all turn to stare at her and laugh at her! can somebody help me find a video of this old commercial? veryyyyy funny.

  101. hello there, well i’m looking for a song that hallmark channel plays during a commercial of “really love” i want to know what is the name of that song… if someone can help me out with that, i would be ever grateful…

  102. Does anyone know the song in the hallmark tv christmas commercial where the daughter is trying to give a hallmark card to her mother but she can and then the song starts and it goes like this (say what you have to say… say what you have to say) and the daughter finally gives her mother the card and says thank you we couldn’t have done without you and the song plays again.

    I hope someone knows the song and the group that plays it.

    Thank you for all your help


  103. Does anyone know the music on the advert for house, monk and another show(not sure about the last one though). It goes something like great men are not always good with a clip of house and does some other stuff and then ends saying something about three wise men. Does anyone know?

  104. Does anyone know the song to a Hallmark commercial that goes “give me one more reason if you got one reason” and says the French phrase ‘si’l vous plait’?

  105. does anybody know the soundtrack of Girls night in ??

    • ??????????????????????????????????????????


  107. I am trying to locate a DVD that hallmark put out several years ago on valentines day. The DVD contained movie scenes of couples kissing and their was a song being sung by a male singer. Can anyone help?

  108. Anyone know name of this song and artist ? From hallmark comercial

  109. HEY!

    Does anybody know the name of the song thats featured on the new hallmark channel here in the Uk- Its an advert showing like a montage of all the different series on there such as the mentalist, CSI, Monk etc.

    Its a woman singing.
    Lyrics go “Sugar on my skin, head is in a spin”
    Something like that. I am pretty sure it goes like that- but i have typed in those lyrics over and over into google and have gotten NOTHING. It keeps giving me stupid flo rida!

  110. can somebody tell me where can i find the video of abc’s of love it appears on the commercial in the hallmark channel.. the background music is play with michael buble i think so.. pls.

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  112. I am looking for a christmas hallmark commercial from a few years ago. There is a dad reading the night before christmas to his son and daughter then the daughter talks about wanting puppies for christmas. In the morning santa leaves the kids puppies and the dad a hallmark card that says “next time leave some cookies for me-santa” If anybody can find it i would really appreciate it

  113. I was watching The lost Valentine tonight when an old Hallmark commercial from 1990 came on with 2 young girls both with curly hair they may still be actresses. Does anyone know who the girls are?

    • ashley johnson and sarah rose karr

  114. i am looking for a 1990s hallmark commercial with two girls. they pretend its the others birthday and make a hallmark card.

  115. question. In the commercial where the cop leaves a valentine for the waitress. who played the waitress. love the commercials as much as the movies.

  116. I was watching the “Lost Valentine” as well and enjoyed the vintage commercials as much as the story. Where can i find a video of the one with the young girl bringing a birthday card to her piano teacher? It brought back such nostalgia to see it again….
    Kathy Dalecki

  117. I am also looking for the piano teacher ad. The teacher looks so much like my father, who died a few years ago


  118. I’m looking for the classic hallmark Valentine’s day commercial with a bunch of kids in a classroom setting and one of the little girls says that one of the little boys is her boyfriend and he gets so excited! It aired on the Lost Valentine. I can’t find it on youtube or anywhere! Thanks!!

  119. I am looking to identify the music played during the commercial for Mystery Sunday Movies on the Hallmark Movie Channel featuring clips from several of the ‘series’ like Jane Doe, Murder, She Wrote, etc. It is a beautiful and haunting melody. Anyone know?

  120. I’m looking for the name of the song played on Hallmark Movie Channel’s mystery movie Sunday comercial it’s blues sounding and the lyrics played during comercial are something about let me know where the dreamers go when the night brings the sleep to their eyes

  121. I want to know who the voice of the girl is at the end of one of the Hallmark commercials that sings the words, “Hallmark has the way to show you care”. She has the voice of an angel and I would like to look her up for more songs.

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