Jack in the Box

27 July, 2006


What women want — an Acapulco Chicken Salad.



  1. The New Jack in the box commercial is in very poor taste for children and adults. Very surprised this represents a well known childrens food resturant. Turn it to mute everytime the tv slot comes on ,.

    First time I viewed this we were at a superbowl
    party everyone looked at each other and turned up
    their nose. Thats a Jack in the box commercial?
    Hope to see better in the future.

  2. Thank you, thank you!! My wife & I agree 100%. It’s a
    disgusting ad, and I’ve emailed the co. to let them
    know it, and I plan to “stuff it to ’em” via the
    comment box at the 2 local stores. I mean no disrespect to the workers, not their fault some bugwit
    in the ad dept. came up with this. I’ve made it clear
    that I won’t buy their product, and encourage others to do likewise, unless this ad is lifted. Geez, what’s
    next, “let’s do a threesome, jack!” to promote a triple decker cheeseburger? I hope you spread the
    word on this, ’cause there needs to be a groundswell
    of opposition to it!

  3. I thought it was funny. Where did they ever get that couple? They’re perfect.

  4. Three cheers for Jack, and his refusal to cave to the mamby-pamby political correctness of the hyper-sensitive control freaks trying to take over this country!

  5. Jack-In-Box: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take your latest commercial (the one where the two guys are in a stroller whining for a snack). Good LORD, I hate it. Every single time it comes on, I can’t mute the T.V. fast enough. It is so obnoxious. And the one before that isn’t much better (the one where Jack and his wife are sharing the hot tub with a couple that wants to do a threesome. Uh HELLOOOOO: kids are watching these commercials and Jack in the box is a place kids love to go to. Stick to the ones that are clearly funny (in a clean way.) Like the one where jack’s kid is out on the field playing soccer and someone asks which kid is his. Then the camera gives you a shot of the field and there he is with his big round head like his dad. Now THAT’S funny. Come on Jack in the Box………..if your commercials are meant to get more people to go to your restaurant…………..then you are wayyyyyyy off the mark with these two. I love all the others, but these two HAVE to go.

  6. “Three cheers for Jack, and his refusal to cave to the mamby-pamby political correctness of the hyper-sensitive control freaks trying to take over this country!”

    Well, I don’t know about you, but two grown men bawling because they’re too lazy to get their own food is ridiculous. If the idea behind it wasn’t bad enough, the fake crying is annoying as hell. That’s why I want that commercial gone. I’m sorry you feel like we’re taking away your crude commercials, but a public television where kids watch isn’t the place for them. Get a new advertising agent Jack in the Box. You’d get more business that way.

  7. The commercial with the two guys crying is hilarious! I for one will be stopping by Jack in the Box next time i need a bite. Anyone who is in protest of commercials needs to get sense of humor and find more productive things to do.

  8. I thought this was a tape of Republican politicians reacting to Nancy Pelosi’s “partisan” speech on the Wall Street bailout.

  9. The two men crying “Jack in the Box” ad is one of the most annoying, ever! I. can never get to the remote fast enough

  10. annoying! annoying! who is the idiot that thinks this crap up!?!? 2 grown men crying? i’d like to apply for the adman job.you obviously only need an iq of 2.

  11. god! That commercial with the two big baby Huey guys in a huge stroller and a tiny woman pushing them is SO damned annoying!!! Not only but also, is the crying! Only a moron who thinks like Jack could possibly like this ad!! We will absolutely not buy anything from Jack in the Box again, until they put those two idiots up for adoption and get rids of that STUPID TV ad!

  12. Ok We have had enough of the Jack in the box commercial with the 2 grown men whinning in the stroller.I go the Jack every week for lunch.I am boycotting Jack till you remove it from my TV screen.It gets me ill everytime I am forced to hear adn see it during my favorite NFL broadcast..Come on Jack you can do better that that!Geez

  13. Your commercial about hazing a man with pink ????
    all over him is disgracful. What are you teaching our children? Hazing is against the law. It is violent! I will not go near a “Jack in the Box” or even think about eating anything from your store.
    Take if off the air before you get sued more !!!!!!

  14. I am SOOO glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think the Jack in the box commercials have become increasingly DISGUSTING. I too feel that these commercials are so DIS-tasteful they have totally turned me away from ever eating there. Furthermore, I think that these HORRIBLE things should be immediately taken off the air. I only wish that these comments would actually reach someone that could really DO something about them. I am also fed up with these disgusting commercials.

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