Old Navy

27 July, 2006


A funny commercial for clothes.



  1. Does anyone know who sings that song that is playing on the latest Old Navy ad, with verses that go something like “I’ll give you my sweater…I like the way you call me Baby..” ??? Please let me know

  2. Julia – I love that commercial too. I’ve been looking for the singer but so far I’ve come up empty.

  3. Julia & John, I love that commercial too !!!! If either of you get any info please pass it on and the same for me,,,,,”If you are chilly, I’ll give you my sweater…I love the way you call me baby…”the past few days I haven’t seen it !!! Where did it go ???Marge

  4. On youtube you can see the artist Ingrid Michaelson sing the whole song “the way I am” Beautiful !!!!!!

  5. I get goose bumps when I hear that song, how I wish I could be there with my secret Love

  6. Is it me or is it that Old Navy started portraying super tall and slender models for jean commecials. As a female customer of average height and weight, I am really put off by that commercial for some reason. I don’t really mind other stores portray tall and skinny models such as Victoria’s Secret. As a customer watching the X-mas Old Navy commercial in particula, I am thinking there is no way I can fit into those jeans since I don’t have legs that go up to my head. I haven’t even bothered going to the Old Navy store ever since thinking that it is hopeless for me to try their jeans. Just my two cents 🙂

  7. the song is called “the way i am” by ingrid michaelson

  8. I have to agree with Niki, the models are way too skinny and I wonder what the rationale is …maybe they are trying to appeal to a more “guess” type clientele…

  9. I’m trying to figure out the singer in the December 2007 Christmas ads. Quite a distinctive voice. Anyone know?

  10. Looks like I am too late—the preChristmas Old Navy ad. for sleepwear is gone! I was hoping I could get the name of the girl in the fleecey boots. Anybody know?

  11. the song is asome when i first listen to it!!

  12. Just saw the new Old Navy commercial with mannequins and its the worst!

    who wants to see mannequins! we wanna see real people or models with clothes! how are we supposed to see how they fit!

    such a stupid idea from old navy!

  13. i was wondering if anyone knew where to find the boots that the actors in the comercials are wearing?

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