I am back

7 February, 2007

Sorry for the long hiatus. One of the things that troubled me was that it became tedious to download and post videos. I didn’t like the idea of having to upload all my commercials to one video hosting location. And it was tedious to dump the code and images onto WordPress.com.

Recently, a couple of developments made me reconsider. First, Youtube.com was bought by Google. This gave me more confidence that it wouldn’t suddenly revert to a paid subscription or simply just shut down under heavy usage. Second, WordPress.com started providing a simple coding process to paste the embedding code from Youtube into each entry. So now it’s easier for me to maintain this blog.

The only problem now is that WordPress.com doesn’t allow embedding in the RSS feed. So all RSS feed readers don’t get the link to the video as they did before. You have to click to the entry and watch the embedded video on the blog. This is wholely unintentional, and hopefully WordPress.com will allow embedded content to appear in their RSS feeds soon. Until then, please continue to leave your comments on this blog and happy TVC viewing!

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