16 March, 2007

Reliable electronic goods. Does Radioshack have a bad reputation for selling shoddy goods?

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  1. In Mississippi RS service is horrible. I bought an answering machine in January and took it back 2 days later (non-functioning). Store manager would not refund, and supposedly sent it for repairs. Today, in July, I got a call from the manager prompting this email:
    I have been querying this site for a few months about this repair, and have seen the answering machine was being repaired at your Jacksonville, FL, facility. Today store manager Bernie Burns called and asked IF I WANTED THEM TO DISCARD THE MACHINE. Did they ever send it for repairs? I have a warranty that says the product is under warranty for one year after purchase, on 01/23/2007, and if defective will be repaired, replaced, or refunded. Please reply and advise.
    Sony has excellent repair services; not so RS.

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