Propel water

19 March, 2007

Great animation. But for “fitness” water? It’s just WATER.


  1. not this one

  2. What is the name of the song and artist in the Propel Fitness Water commercial “Powerwalk”? Thanks

  3. what is the name of the song and artist playing in the powerwalk commercial?

  4. love the ad for propel. please tell me the name of the song and artist playing.

  5. It’s called “Under Pressure,” a collaboration between Queen and David Bowie.

  6. Powerwalk
    Mary J Blige
    “Family Affair”

  7. The Song For The Powerwalk Ad Can Be Found On CD by
    Mary J Blige
    Reflections and Name of song is
    “Family Affair”

  8. on the new propel commerical,(rodeo drive) who is the actor sitting at the cafe table with a girl, and turns his head to look? who is that guy?

  9. whats the artist i prpel co

    (comon baby take a walk w/ me??

  10. The actor who does a double take is John Stamos.

  11. The guy that’s sitting at the cafe with a girl, and turns his head . Is not an actor is a baseball player.
    Derek Jeter from de NY Yankees.

  12. is that michell lombardo with derek

  13. Does anyone know the New jingle/song for Propel ? I think, by female raper, that has the words, “c’mon baby i want to party with you,” in a monatone steady beat. Not, “Under Pressure”. I need to know the Artist, and Title.

  14. “Family Affair” by Mary J. Blige.

  15. i love Propel Water…

    when i drink it…i get the feeling that i am going to Propel my way to good health…

  16. I love Propel Water…

    when I drink it… I have an erection lasting for four hours or more…

  17. Looks a bit like a combination of the Running Man bosses from videogames like Rez and Gunstar Heroes with the katamari (cluster) from Katamari Damacy.

  18. this commercial made me cry the first time i say it… i was going through a tough time and i felt liek everyone around was demanding so much from me

  19. whats the song when the girl is riding the bike?

  20. ya the one where the girl is riding the bike.. whats the song?

  21. Who sings the song on the new commercial with the woman on the bicycle, because i think its called extraordinary, but i’m not sure


  23. the song on the “uphill” commercial is extraordinary by liz phair.

  24. I found this on the following website: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=78265&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=973915&highlight=
    The song is listed in the last sentence.

    The new “Fit Has a Feeling” campaign will debut nationally this week with the :30 second spot, “Powerwalk,” which features an impressive cast of celebrities including E.R. actor John Stamos, NY Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and Broadway star and television actor Taye Diggs. The commercial showcases a confident woman powerwalking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to the tune of Mary J. Blige’s hit song “Family Affair.”

  25. the new song with the guy runnin in the city with everyone falling off him and stuff….whats that song!?!?

  26. the guy from er was george clooney.. and he was in the comercial.

  27. Whats the deal with the re release of the powerwalker ad. Have the right thinkers complained until the display window scene where the lady hugs the maniquin was pulled?

  28. Does anyone know the name of the GIRL powerwalking in the Propel commercial? I think she was on an episode of Friends I just saw, but I’m not sure…so I was trying to find her name to “google” her…Thanks!

  29. Girl on Bike….Extradonary by Liz Phair
    Woman Power Walking…Family Affair by Mary J. Bleige
    Robot….Under Pressure by David Bowie

  30. No…I mean the ACTUAL name of the actress that is doing the power walk–what HER name is–not the name of the songs…but thanks for tyring!

  31. The actress’s name is Sandra Thigpen. And yes, she appeared on an episode of Friends a long time ago!

  32. Who is the woman sitting with Derek Jeter? Very interesting looking.

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