9 April, 2007

The setup of this second Office2007.com commercial is brilliant.


  1. that was really dumb i mean so dumb that i had the nerve to watch the whole thing no that doent make me dumb it makes yall dumb for putting that crap on the computer

  2. I thought the commercial was great!

  3. Here is my comment. I bought office 2007 and my IE 7 is a piece of junk. It freezes up all the time. I finally downloaded firefox so I would have a browser that does not crash. I am very frustrated. I dont even bother calling support because they have not been able to help.

  4. This is one really, really stupid commercial. Somebodys’ sister, mother or other relative must have written, produced or shot it. THIS is supposed to somehow link to Microsoft? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  5. the lady is not wearing a helmet. nobody should ride a bike without one.

    charlotte zieve, PhD, chair Health & Safety Subcommittee
    Non Motorized Transportation Pilot Program
    Sheboygan County
    Po Box 267
    Elkhart Lake, WI 53020
    920 876 2114

  6. its simang and magats!

  7. It’s an awesome commercial…

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