12 July, 2007

This is the famous Federer vs Woods commercial.


  1. man, it’s really fuuny.
    The impact of reversal is so cool.

  2. Good spot. Federer is just an insanely good player. Nice music stop for effect at the end as Tiger speaks. Not my favorite spot ever, but pretty good.

  3. Exactly WHAT about this commerial is supposed to inspire me to buy Nikes?

  4. Classic spot. This is Nike branding at it’s finest. These are the two best athletes to ever play their respective sports and both appearing in the same commercial, one dogging the other, is genius.

  5. I know Tiger is amazing at golf, but not at voice overs, his voice is just so uninspiring and monotone.

  6. I agree about the monotone of Woods voice, but I still think the commercial is effective because those two guys are so impressive.

  7. The commercial is, in my opinion, good because of two factors – the first: That it tells us a story about fighting your way up, development and victory.
    The second: The backlash in the end, with Tiger Woods, just marvellous

  8. Nike just get the advertising right evrytime but I suppose they have the budget. They did a great POV football one a while back – http://tinyurl.com/nqpohn

  9. WOW.. this ad is very good, it really shows a great side to Federer

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