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I am back

7 February, 2007

Sorry for the long hiatus. One of the things that troubled me was that it became tedious to download and post videos. I didn’t like the idea of having to upload all my commercials to one video hosting location. And it was tedious to dump the code and images onto

Recently, a couple of developments made me reconsider. First, was bought by Google. This gave me more confidence that it wouldn’t suddenly revert to a paid subscription or simply just shut down under heavy usage. Second, started providing a simple coding process to paste the embedding code from Youtube into each entry. So now it’s easier for me to maintain this blog.

The only problem now is that doesn’t allow embedding in the RSS feed. So all RSS feed readers don’t get the link to the video as they did before. You have to click to the entry and watch the embedded video on the blog. This is wholely unintentional, and hopefully will allow embedded content to appear in their RSS feeds soon. Until then, please continue to leave your comments on this blog and happy TVC viewing!


Falling behind

20 August, 2006

I’m having problems posting, although I have new commercials to post. I would appreciate someone helping me out here, just for a few weeks. Please do write in to let me know, thanks!


On holiday

6 June, 2006

I am off for a week. Sorry, no new posts till next Monday. 


Problems with

16 February, 2006

I’ve actually got a backlog of a few days’ worth of posts. But all the commercials I want to show are saved on, the online video archive service. But as some of you know, has been down for a few days now and there is no news when they will be back.



25 January, 2006

I’m sorry for the sporadic posting over the last week. I’ve been stuck in business pitching and office bitching. It will continue like this over the next couple weeks. Would anyone like to volunteer to be guest blogger? Write me please!


I am off

22 December, 2005

Will be back in the first week of the New Year. The best way to be alerted when I am back, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Happy holidays!


More technical problems

24 November, 2005

Since came out of beta yesterday, they have been having more technical problems. Now it disallows image uploading. I’ll have to hold on posting until this is fixed which shouldn’t be more than a day or two. Commercials are like crack, I know. But please relax. This blog will be back with more commercials on Monday.

h1 screwed up

21 November, 2005

The new posts will come without images because screwed up all the images. None of them are linking properly.



10 November, 2005

I am on sick leave today. Will be back tomorrow with more commercials.


One week off

31 October, 2005

I am off for a week. Will be back next week with more commercials.