How to download the MOV files from Shots.net for free

UPDATE: As of April 2007, Shots.net has changed its page design so the previous method doesn’t work. To be honest, it’s too complicated for me to explain how to get the commercials. So how about if you just subscribe to the RSS feed I hacked together to scrape the movies from the site: http://feed43.com/shotsnet.xml. Thanks!


1. Check to see if the Shots.net website has updated with the new Shots issue. Usually they update in the first week of the month.

2. Go to the list of all the titles in the latest Shots. On the right of the little icon of the computer with the green play button is the name of the spot and the link to view it. If you click on that link, you get an “Access Denied” page. Instead, just examine the link in your browser status bar (bottom of the browser screen). It will look like http://www.shots.net/video.asp?id=35758. The last five digits of the link is the ID number of the spot.

3. The format of the address to access each MOV file is http://www.shots.net/qt/EDITION NUMBER/SPOT ID NUMBERa_isdn.mov. So, to access spot number 35758 of Shots 94, you need to go to http://www.shots.net/qt/94/35758a_isdn.mov.

4. When you access the spot, the MOV file will load in your browser (if you have the latest Quicktime package for your browser installed).

5. After it finishes loading, press Ctrl-S (or Command-S for Macs) to save the MOV file to your computer.

You can therefore access and save all the spots from every Shots issue without paying for the online subscription to Shots.

NOTE: This method is time sensitive and only works with the latest Shots! You cannot access spots from older issues since Shots closes off open access to their spots whenever the website updates with a new issue. So get on with it and download whatever you want because the spots you see now won’t be there for long.


  1. great tip.


  2. it’s not working anymore, have you try? i think they’ve made some change for it

  3. You’re right. This method doesn’t work any more. They have encrypted the URL. But the good news is: the URLs of the movie files are unchanged!

    So it just means that you have to just concantenate the five digit number by one to watch the next movie. Tedious, but it still works.

  4. thanks a million =)

  5. my want to mov format video clips

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